Projects and campaigns

- Project is an electronic publication with the geographic focus on Guatemala.

It is a web-journal with articles on social topics of Guatemalan journalists and writers which are of interest for the national and international public.

Additionally, articles, news, reports and studies about Guatemala are published which are written not only by Guatemalans but from people all over the world.

Central objective of this project is the dissemination of alternative thoughts from and about Guatemala.

- Central American filmfestivals in Europe:

This project were presented to the public for the first time in November 2007 in Vienna, Austria.

Following is the periodical organisation of Central American filmfestivals in different cities of Europe planned.

The objective is on the one hand to make known the dynamic of the film sector from the region and on the other hand, to create a platform for the exchange of experiences between persons and institutions who are connected with the Central American and the European movies.


- Campaign for an objective coverage on Latin America:

Social-political incidences in the region are of world-wide interest, however the traditional internation mass-media disinform to the degree that the content of the news are converted into propaganda of powerful interests. This is the reason for Papaya Media Association is doing a campaign to counter the effects of the mentioned disinformation.

The campaign consits of media events which spread objective information and putting emphasis on incidences which merit mayor enlightenment.


- The ALBA days in Vienna:

Within the framework of the ALBA days 2010 in Vienna there will be three days of events for information and discussion about the Bolivarian Alliance for the peoples of Our America in the city of Vienna. In the evenings a sample of films from the different countries of ALBA will be screened. The objective of the ALBA days is to present to the public some background information about this new initiative.


- Cineclub Latino:

One Friday evening each month Papaya Media Association presents in cooperation with Film Archiv Austria latinamerican films. Each month is dedicated to a different country from Latin America and the Caribbean region. The venue of the presentation is the Metro Kino, one of the most beautiful cinemas in the center of Vienna.. Cineclub Latino not only presents the opportunity to see the best of the latin american film scene but also provides a space for exchange with the different cultures and communities of Latin America within a cultural and culinary framework programme.